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DeadPool Costume,DeadPool Morphsuit

DeadPool Costume,DeadPool Morphsuit
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DeadPool Costume,DeadPool Morphsuit


Deadpool costume Description

About DeadPool Costume,DeadPool Morphsuit :

Description: About deadpool costume,DeadPool Morphsuit: What a lovable Super Hero costume it is! It looks like a cool deadpool. The dynamic and fashionable two-tone-- black and red color, combined with close-fitting design which makes you look conspicuous and feel more comfortable. In addition, the white eyes with black mark are so cute! It just likes the eyes of adorable giant panda. Moreover, the lycra integrated with breathable spandex is soft, elastic and easy to wash and dry, while the distinctive finger parts brings you convenience. All in all, it is worth having because it will make all girls crazy for you when you wear it.

      1.It'll have a deviation about 3-5cm, which is up to the different elasticity of fabric.
      2.Do not use washing powder and bleach for washing.
      3.Wearer's weight should be less than 150kg.
      4.Zipper on the open bust is from left to right
      If you choose a size according to your height but the waist,bust or other measurements dismatch, we offer a free made-to-measurement service for you.Please put in your correct measurements.Note:please close your skin to measure.
      If you have any specital requirements (such as mouth, nose and eyes open, add toes, open crotch and etc.) or questions,please feel free to contact our customer service department via .we will get back to you within 24 hours and satify all your needs.


  • Please note:Gender different,measurement chart different.When you choose the size,please refer to the size chart of your gender.
  • Size Chart
  • Male Size Chart
    Standard Size XS S M L XL
      inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
    Height 5''1-5''5 155-165 5''3-5''7 160-170 5''5-5''9 165-175 5''7-6''0 170-180 5''9-6''1 175-185
    Bust 30'-33' 77-83 32'-35' 82-88 34'-36' 86-92 35'-37' 89-95 36'-39' 93-99
    Waist 25'-27' 63-68 26'-29'  67-73 28'-31'  73-80 31'-33' 78-84 33'-35' 83-90


  • Female Size Chart
    Standard Size S M L XL
      inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
    Height 4''9-5''3 150-160 5''1-5''5 155-165 5''3-5''7 160-170 5''5-5''9 165-175
    Bust 29'-31' 73-79 30'-32' 77-82 31'-35' 80-88 33'-36' 85-92
    Waist 23'-25' 58-64 25'-28' 64-71 27'-30' 68-75 29'-32' 74-82
    Hips 31'-34' 80-87 33'-36' 85-92 35'-37' 88-95 36'-39' 91-98       
  • Please illuminate your detailed size requirement in the order
      1.Height (compulsory)
    2.Weight (compulsory)
    3.Head Size
    4.Neck Size
    5.Bust Size
    6.Waist Size
    7.Hip Size
    8.Thigh Size
    9.Ankle Size
    10.Shoulder Width
    12.B.C.( biceps circumference)
    13.Wrist Size
    14.Leg Length(from thigh to ankle)
    15.Foot Length
    16.Torso Length